Saturday, February 14, 2009

A happy ♥ day!

The inside of this card says "Hey! There's no baseball in February! And there we are, naked with nothing to do....hmmm..."

Fortunately, the programming geniuses at NESN have made this statement incorrect. This morning, they are offering a lovely Valentine's Day gift to Red Sox baseball fans: two hours of live programming from Ft. Myers. True, the coverage will probably just show a bunch of guys running around on the practice fields - wait, that is perfect!!
Globe photo from last year

Also on deck is the first media appearance for our captain:
I still have some unresolved feelings about Tek. All of the off-season drama about his new contract has left me cold. I know that some of the blame needs to be assigned to his agent the evil Boras. But Tek is a grown man, a professional ballplayer, and smart. He has to take some of the blame as well. I'll be watching with interest when he faces the press at 11:30 am.

Meanwhile - Happy Valentine's Day!

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Blogger Tex said...

I'm leaning more and more to leaving personal issues of the players off the field. I'm going to focus on the name on the front. Sure I'll notice abs, thighs and asses...but I just can't stand all the drama

10:23 PM  

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