Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And so it begins

Photo by Jim Rogash/ Getty Images
And so the 162 game marathon begins. Yesterday at 4:06 pm (a time chosen to pay tribute to Ted Williams), the first pitch - a strike! - was thrown by Josh Beckett. Thus begins our journey toward another title...we hope. Right before that first pitch was thrown, I had a sudden, strong feeling. A feeling that we are about to witness an epic season for the Red Sox. Those feelings seem to have been confirmed by yesterday's game. Beckett striking out two in the first (and "punching out" - Eck's description - 10 and allowing only two hits). And in the bottom of the first - on the second pitch he saw - Pedroia knocked one into the Monster Seats. I love this shot of Tito's reaction:

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The rest of the game was just plain fun! Lowell with a double. Varitek wrapping a homer around the Pesky Pole. Papelbon closing it out in style. If this game could be a microcosm of the season - well, that would be awesome!

Lester's hoping for another victory!

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