Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Smoltzie in my future?

So, it looks like I might see Smoltz pitch on the next road trip. Although it's not quite clear when he'll be activated - he could have one more start in Pawtucket. What is sure is that he has to be added to the roster by June 19th. If that happens, and he goes into the starting rotation, I should see him pitch on my next trip - Washington and Atlanta. Yeah!!

Meanwhile, a couple of killer games. I went out to dinner with friends Friday night, and couldn't believe it when I got home at 9:15 and it was already the 8th inning. I thought it would be an early night - but the Phillies had other ideas. After tying it up, the game went to 13 innings! But we won! And last night's game included a one hour thirty five minute rain delay - I was seriously dozing at the computer. But it was all good - another interleague victory. At least it's an afternoon game today, followed by an off-day tomorrow. Phew!

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