Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Big Papi

On this crazy trip that we Red Sox fans have been since 2003, some the most endearing and enduring images have been of David Ortiz. I picture him standing at the plate, intimidating the opposing pitches just by that glare. I picture him pulling out that clutch hit. I picture him smiling that mile wide smile. I picture him hugging everyone.

So it kills me to see him like I saw him last night. Striking out, walking dejectedly back to the dugout. It makes me so sad. And it hurt me to hear the abuse rained down on him last night by Tiger fans. I know it's part of the game, but to hear them taunt him and rail against him... I don't remember hearing it on other road trips. Perhaps it was there, but Ortiz always managed to silence the jeers with one mighty stroke of the bat.

I don't care to speculate on what's going on with him. Enough ink and bandwidth has already been spent on that. Instead, I'll continue to support him, to hope he'll break out of this funk he's in. I don't care to speculate on roster moves or staff changes. I choose to hope.

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