Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The latest installment in the X-Men franchise was a sure slam dunk with me. First it stars one of my favorites, Hugh Jackman. Second, his dramatic foil is another fav, Liev Schreiber. Third, it's an X-Men movie, which means action! Perfect for a summer afternoon.

The story fills in the background of the character of Wolverine. I've never read any of the original comics - I've just followed the story through the film adaptations. I hadn't realized that Wolverine was immortal - but the story opens in 1845 with Logan as a child and follows him to the present day. Logan and his half-brother Victor Crede (aka Sabertooth) fight in many wars over the years, with Victor becoming more and more ruthless. When Logan steps away to try to find a quiet life, Victor kills his girlfriend - and Logan dedicates himself to revenge. Enter Colonel Stryker (seen in the other films) - he convinces Logan to undergo a radical medical procedure. Logan's skeleton is replaced by the experimental metal alloy adamantium, rendering him virtually indestructible. The result is havoc!

Jackman and Schreiver are terrific - they've got wonderful chemistry. The characters that surround them provide good support, and the story line is fun and full of action. A perfect "popcorn" movie - and another good addition to the X-Men series.

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