Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a game!

First, let me correct an error on the last post. The Red Sox are only playing two in Anaheim. My gut feeling: we split the games out on the West Coast, and come home to Fenway only needing to win 2 out of 3. And winning two in a row at Fenway? Well, how many times have we done that this year?

Meanwhile - what a game in Minneapolis last night!

AP Photo via Yahoo Sports

It had to be one of the most exciting games ever! Although I don't agree with Orlando Cabrera, who called it the best game he'd ever played in. Weren't you there for Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, OCab? I'll chalk that up to heat of the moment. Still, to have them finish tied at the end of the regular season, tied at the end of nine innings, tied until the bottom of the 12th...Wow!

Anyone who says "baseball is boring" should be required to watch that game. Now, let's hope the Twins can ride that momentum train into New York for tonight's game vs. the Yankees. If the Twins could pull out a win tonight....

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