Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a weekend

What a truly fantastic weekend this has been. Every time I log onto my computer, I open a new box of candy with RED SOX stamped on the outside. The pictures coming out of Fort Myers are awesome!! Curt looks great - maybe twenty pounds lighter than last year - and the videos of him throwing are making me optimistic. I can't wait to hear how Foulke did today. And great to see some of the familiar faces making early appearances - although Youk looks like he was on the Kevin Millar Off-Season Diet - and that Trot caught him with his hairdressing shears!

No photos yet of Tek or Bronson - but today is the first full workout for all pitchers and catchers. Tonight NESN will have a live show from Fort Myers - with Terry as guest - so we ought to get some info! In the meantime, I love this picture from - looks like these two have just returned from a showing of Brokeback Mountain! (Not that there's anything wrong with that)


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