Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Yet another edition!

1. The Westminster Dog Show was last night. No, I am not so desperate for sports that I watched it. But ESPN did an hysterical report on it on SportsCenter. Covered it like it was a real sport, including the poignant story Desmond, the favorite who lost. His incredible disappointment - apparently he is now the "Michelle Kwan of the dog show circuit."

2. Call of the Green Monster has a funny take on the Cheney "accident" - about how Steinbrenner was accidentally hit by an A-rod line drive and waited 12 hours to report it!

3. SATURDAY!! Pitchers and catchers report to City of Palms Park. Need I say more??

4. And who was the first veteran pitcher to report? Keith Foulke. His story is going to be pretty closely watched - has he come back from off-season knee surgery? Can he regain his 2004 form? As Eric Wilbur said in today's Globe:
The 33-year-old needs to have a spring training the likes of which he hasn’t had to have since he was a young pup fighting for a major league job.
Another interesting story will be the comeback of Curt Schilling. Can he be an ace again at 39?

5. Big congratulations to our RemDawg - Jerry Remy was tapped for the Red Sox Hall of Fame. When you look at his career numbers, they're kind of mediocre. But he's being recognized for what he's done since. The man has become an industry and an institution in Boston since he retired. I can't imagine watching a Sox game on NESN and not hear him. I think he could have the Wally doll as his broadcast partner (no offense to Don Orsillo!) and it would still be mandatory viewing. I love when he and Announcer Boy get a case of the giggles - those long moments when you can hear Rem wheezing and trying to regain his breath. Priceless.

6. Last summer, I decided to learn how to keep a "real" scorecard for the games. I'd never learned - but got it into my head to teach myself. In the process, I discovered a great new pasttime. I love keeping score! It really makes me pay attention to the game, and has helped me to see the "game within the game." I try to keep an accurate pitch count (because they don't always give that minute information on the tv broadcasts), and note any great plays - any worthy of SportsCenter's Top 10.

So when I was at WalMart this weekend, I happened to stroll over to the sporting goods department, and there they were: a whole stack of brand new scorebooks! I've tried several different books, and the ones they have at WallyWorld are my favorites. So I'm ready for that April day!!!

Now I just have to re-up my Extra Innings package, and get back my extended Direct TV package (that includes NESN), and I'm ready!!


Blogger sittingstill said...

I actually really enjoy watching the different breeds on display at dog shows. ^_^ Though it's a little less fun this year, since Coco is busy being a mom and not a show dog! Coco is a mega-winning Norfolk Terrier owned by Pam Beale, who owns Cornwall's, my favorite Kenmore Square pub! More on Coco here. She was in the finals of Westminster last year, but Josh the Newfoundland won.

I also liked CotGM's "story we're following": "Cashman Invites Steinbrenner on Hunting Trip"!

It's bugging me that a lot of people are lining up against Foulkie already--and that he's digging in himself ("I'm on vacation until Sunday" in refusing to talk). I really hope he's happy and confident, because he's sliding into the spot where Bellhorn found himself where any move that wasn't 100% successful got him crucified.

Wish I could take pictures and keep score simultaneously. I need more hands! ^_^

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