Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

I don't mind watching the game, but the SIX hours of pre-game hype is ridiculous! So, instead, I decided to catch up on movies. I rented an armload of dvds, and here's a quick recap.

(Not a football fan in general, but I really like this Polomalu guy - it's the hair I think!)

So, here are my reviews. First, watched In Her Shoes. I really liked it! If you have sisters, this film will resonate with you. At the outset, Cameron Diaz as the irresponsible sister just irritated me. But as the plot progressed and you began to see the back story, she won me over. I went thru a BUNCH of kleenex by the end. Thumbs up.

Next up: Crash. I missed this one at the theaters, but decided I needed to see it after hearing my students talk about it - and the Academy Award nominations. It was really affecting. The performances all the way up and down the list were fantastic - I was especially impressed by Matt Dillon. He plays an egregious racist, but somehow makes his character sympathetic when yo see what he's going through. It's the kind of movie you need to see with a friend, and then get a coffee after to discuss it. Thumbs up.

Broken Flowers. If you haven't seen Coffee and Cigarettes by the same director - Jim Jarmusch - rent it, along with this one. Bill Murray has evolved into such an evocative actor. There are long scenes with no dialogue, when all you look at are Murray's facial reactions to something, and there is never any question as to what you're seeing. The film is really a slice of life - a middle-aged man discovers (through an anonymous letter) that he has a 19-year old son. So Murray sets out to see the women he knew and loved back then, and this film follows his journey. There's no resolution or big emotional climax, but his journey is at times hysterical and other times poignant. Thumbs up.

A Constant Gardner - another one I missed at the theaters, mainly because I was afraid it would be too sad. Not the case, although this is a nice little thriller. Ralph Fiennes is awesome, of course, looking tres hot! I thought Rachel Weisz was good - but in no way was she the BEST supporting actress of the year. (I really think Michelle Williams deserves the award for Brokeback Mountain - she was heart-breaking in it). Thumbs up.

I've just started the Zorro sequel - but it doesn't look thumb-worthy.

Got to watch some commercials - uh, I mean the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed - snow predicted for overnight. Snow Day??? PLEASE?!!


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