Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Been trying to get on to Blogger all morning to finish this post, but it's been down for "upgrades." Hmm. Anyway, here are my mid-week thoughts...

1. Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts had a great editorial this week about Brokeback Mountain and why it has created such fear. (You may have to register on this site to read it; if you're reluctant, do a Google search on his name) He says what scares people isn't the sex:
Rather, it's the emotion, the fact that the movie dares you to deny these men their humanity. Or their love.
A good read. For a lighter view, read Larry David's editorial that originally appeared in the NY Times.

2. Red Sox single game tickets go on sale Saturday!! I'll be propped right up there at the computer, living through the hell we call the "Virtual Waiting Room." But the payoff - getting to be at Fenway - it worth it, IMHO!

3. There's been an interesting debate on the Sons of Sam Horn board, about the changing team chemistry. Many there have the opinion that some of the off-season moves are the FO's way of shifting to a more "professional" approach by the team. The idea of the seasoned veterans like Snow and Schilling being there to mentor and teach the younger players, like Beckett and Papelbon. Some say that although the FO loved what the '04 team accomplished, and gave some them an extra year as thanks (Millar? Bellhorn?), the frat boy atmosphere had to go. It's a thought-provoking discussion.

4. Barry Bonds not playing in the World Baseball Classic. Hmm. He claims he doesn't want to jeopardize his season by playing (a sentiment actually echoed by Curt Schilling on WEEI this week), but one has to wonder if the Olympics-style steroid testing might not be a factor.

5. Finally, the guys over at Deadspin reminded me this week of a really funny blog called "The Dugout." The backstory is that this is supposedly the MLB chat room, where all the players go to have online discussions. Some of them are hysterical!

EDIT TO ADD: Boston Dirt Dogs has an hysterical photo that sums up what's missing from our 2006 team:


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