Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Time for my weekly musings. First those not related to the Red Sox:

1. The Academy Award nominations came out yesterday. I've seen most of the nominees - but not, most notably, Munich or Crash. The latter is now out on video - probably should rent it before the awards. As for Munich, I'm a little sick of Spielberg (*gasp!*), so it'll take some doing to muster the enthusiasm. So glad Amy Adams got recognized for Junebug - she really stole the film.

2. I'm so glad the February sweeps start next week - I'm tired of reruns! No new Lost tonight, no House. Gilmore Girls was awesome last night, though!
On to the Sox!

3. I'm so over all the stupid cereal jokes about our new centerfielder, Coco Crisp. Yeah, it's an easy shot to take, but come one. I'm also dreading the inevitable jokes about our new pitcher, David Riske (yes, pronounced "risky") and the new catcher, Josh Bard. I see an endless stream of headlines: "Sox Fans Cuckoo for Coco," "Coco Crispies and Fruit Loops in the OF," "Riske Business," as well as a host of Shakespeare and poetry references.

4. How will the '06 team be different? As the Herald says today: "Their defense looks better, their offense looks worse, their pitching remains a relative unknown." I really like this line, too: "For months now, we have heard Sox officials speak of how the team needs to improve in the area of “run prevention,” which is a nice way of saying the 2005 Sox could neither pitch nor play defense." Oops! Let's hope that we see some improvement in that area of "run prevention."

5. I was never a rabid "Damon Lovah." I thought he was a fun part of the '04 team, and he played great last year. Never impressed by his intellect, though; when I finished reading his memoir Idiot, I commented to a friend, "You know, he really IS an idiot"! I mean, incomplete sentences, he goes off on tangents that never do get you back to the main point...And he worked with a pretty good writer on it as well as an editor...Anyway, the more I read from the New York press since he followed the bucks to the Big Apple makes me truly despise him. He's been making the rounds this week for the media - filmed a special for the YES network (as well as some promos for their Yankees' broadcasts), appeared on the David Lee Roth radio show (now THERE'S a brain trust!), had dinner with A-Rod (bleah), and was featured in today's New York Times. In the latter, this part made me laugh out loud:
"Manny really wants out of Boston, just so he can relax and chill," Damon told Kay. "If he played for the Mets, he probably wouldn't be able to chill much. But I think the Yankees would be a perfect fit for him, as well as for David Ortiz."
MANNY? As a YANKEE?? Yeah, I can see him fitting real well into that clubhouse. He'd really toe the line for Mr. George, wouldn't he?! (One of the commenters on SG offered this: "Translation: It's really lonely in the ninth circle of Hell. Please come visit." Classic!)

And from the Roth interview (via "Surviving Grady")
DLR: That's a classic look for the Yankees, right? You gotta have that spit-shine with the big smile and everything. That's right out of one of those old paintings. Is that how you envisioned baseball when you were growing up?

JD: Well, I kinda envisioned players having personalities.
Sounds like maybe JD is realizing his days as a personality are numbered. He certainly is never going to be as adored as he was in Boston. He will soon find out that you can't have a personality while you're wearing pinstripes - you have to fit the "Yankee mold." It's going to be very interesting to watch his evolution over the next few months.