Tuesday, February 07, 2006

11 days and counting!

Now that the Super Bowl is done - signifying the end of the football season - it feels safe to now start the countdown to Spring Training. In eleven days, pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers. Yeah! As soon as "Truck Day" arrives - which I would guess is soon - it'll really feel real.[Edit: Just read on the Remy board that Truck Day is next Monday, February 13th!]

A couple of interesting notes. The new manager of the Florida Marlins, Joe Girardi, has ordered a no facial hair rule for his team. Has Steinbrenner secretly purchased this team? As someone who works in a school with a dress code, I can see some reasons behind such a decision. It puts everyone on the same level - enforces a team mentality. But the liberal in me says, Hey, these are adults. If they want to express themselves with a goatee, big deal. I'm just glad Bellhorn didn't sign there. His brief foray into the "Yankee way" was horrifying.

Bengie Molina signed a one-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Wonder what that means for Greg Zaun? It also makes the Jays one notch better. They are going to be a team to watch this year. Now that Ricciardi has a decent budget, he's going to be on the firing line to produce a championship team, and he's certainly made some great off-season moves.

I have to admit, I have a soft place in my heart for the Molina boys. Can you imagine growing up in a household with three catchers? I mean, a catcher has a lot of STUFF. It would be tough picking up after one, but imagine three?? Their house must have been strewn with masks, chin guards, helmets. It's kind of amazing to think that one family could produce three major league players, and three talented catchers, too. The pick-up games in the back yard must have been weird and strained. No, Jose, YOU pitch this time. Come on, Bengie, try to steal off me. Hey, Yadier, bet I can get a pass ball on you....

Mike Piazza officially signed with the San Diego Padres yesterday. Poor Doug Mirabelli. I'm sure he was bummed out over being traded by the Sox - especially after it looked like Wakefield would be staying put there for the rest of his career - but I'm sure he was consoled by the fact that it looked like he might get to be an everyday player. Now, with Piazza swooping in, it looks like he's back to being a back-up. Of course, Piazza could suck and then Doug might get to play more. Time will tell.

And finally, the Sox officially inked Coco Crisp and Alex Gonzalez - so the holes in center and at short are filled. We've still got two players who long for trades - Wells and Ramirez. I'd be surprised if Wells is with us on Opening Day - I think a few teams are interested but want to see him ST before offering for him. As for Manny, he will just have to continue being Manny in Boston. There aren't any reasonable deals out there for him and, as I've said before, I don't think there are any other teams or towns out there that are going to put up with his Manny-antics. So he needs to just make the best of things in Boston.

Edit: Had to add this. The latest rumors have the Sox making a pitch for Roger Clemens to join the pitching staff. Not sure how I feel about it. It certainly would be a great way for him to end his career - and he could break Ty Cobb's record for most Red Sox victories. On the other hand, horrible traitor. Wonder how the fan base would react?


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