Friday, May 19, 2006

No Lead is Safe

This past week has shown us that no lead is ever too large. Sunday, the Minnesota Twins ended the first inning of their game against the White Sox with a 7-3 lead. But the WS kept chipping away - and they came back to win the game 9-7. Tuesday night was that amazing game in the Bronx. After two innings, the Texas Rangers had a 9-0 lead over the Yankees. But the Yanks didn't concede - they kept grinding it out, and won it in the bottom of the 9th on a homer by Posada, 14-13. And last night (Thursday), Pittsburgh led Cincinnati after one inning, 6-0. But again, as one writer said, the Reds "realized who they were playing" and came back to win 9-8.

It's an important lesson. Never give up. Yes, the odds may look stacked against you, but if you persist and take one small step at a time, you can beat those odds. I use this line alot with my Weight Watchers members. It's tough to look at the number on the scale, and see a lloonngg way to go. But think of the smaller goals, the baby steps that will get you closer to that magic number. Just do the right things, follow the program, and then repeat it the next day. You WILL have success!