Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back from Break

So, I unintentionally celebrated the All Star Break by neglecting my blog. Ooops!

One word about the ASG: boring. Ms Fanatical here actually turned it off in the 3rd inning. Part of the problem was my second time being subjected to Buck and McCarver within 3 days. My eardrums were bleeding. They are ssssooo bad. And then the wonderful news breaks that MLB and Fox have renewed their baseball contract for another SEVEN years!! Unbelievable.

I was listening to ESPN radio this afternoon, and Doug Gottlieb was rehashing MLB's assertion that "this one matters" and "it's more than an exhibition." He made the point that as long as you have bogus rules - like every team must have a representative - it remains an exhibition game. I mean, Mark Redman from the KC Royals is more deserving of being there than Schilling? Ludicrous.

And I love the reports that Manny really is injured. Do I hear any apologies? Oh, no, now the MSM is claiming the reports have been fabricated by the Sox as part of their spin control. Here's my last word: I believe Manny owes his allegience to the RS fans who sit in the stands at every game and pay his salary. He owes NO allegience to the fanboys sitting in their parents' basements and voting on the Internet for him on the AS ballot.

And finally, tonight baseball returns. Sox vs. A's...and I'll be at Camden Yards in one week!


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