Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's half over

Hard to believe, last night's game was number 81 - we're at the half-way point in the 162 game season. The record is 51-30 - and we're four games ahead of Toronto and New York. Are we headed toward a 102-60 season? Will that be enough to win the division? Looking at the strong AL Central - Tigers, Twins and Indians - the pre-season predictions that the Wild Card will come out of the Central seem to have ever more validity. That means only one playoff spot for the AL East.

We certainly look strong. Today's "Extra Bases" report in the Globe has this comparison of the last two years' teams at the halfway point:

Batting avg..285
Runs 451
Runs per game5.6
Home runs104
Slugging pct..456

On-base pct..367
Opp. avg..263
Fielding pct..990

The '05 team finished 95-67, second in the division.

Of course, the fielding percentage jumps right out at you. We've improved in almost every category. I would like to see a comparison of LOB, though - because we seem to be squandering a tremendous number of opportunities.

And the Yanks? One couldn't help but grin and giggle at this morning's box scores: Cleveland Indians 19, Yankees 1 - on Steinbrenner's birthday, no less. Toronto looks strong. Heck, this Tampa Bay team looks pretty strong, too.

It's going to be an interesting, intense, invigorating, indigestion-provoking second half. But, isn't that true of Red Sox baseball EVERY year?


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