Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday musings

This is basically the same pose I adopted during last night's game. In general, I find "pitching duels" to be a bit boring - I guess this chick really does dig the long ball. But last night's game was awesome. Schilling and Santana only gave up one run each thru 8 - and those were on solo homers. Then Papelbon followed, as strong as ever. But that's when the fun ended. Bottom of the 12th, tied 2-2, and Tavarez came into the game, a knot formed in my stomach. I knew we were in deep trouble - and Psycho proved me right. Loads the bases, then give us a grand slam homerun. The first home run the Twins have gotten this year out of the DH spot. Aaargh...

Brutal game so far tonight, too. Clement is really struggling this year...They need to DL him and send him to a quiet place to get his head together. Actually, the Sox had two sports psychologists with them on the last road trip - maybe they need a third...

I've been listening to a lot of ESPN Radio while I'm doing inventory. I wonder - do guest appearing "via the OnStar hotline" have to sit in their cars for the inventory?

I've discovered I can only tolerate Colin Cowherd for five minutes. But I am developing a fondness for Mike and Mike. And I love Dan Patrick - but only with Keith Olberman to rein him in.

And while still weak, depressed and vulnerable from last night's game, I click on the Globe this morning to discover that my favorite there, RS beat reporter Chris Snow, is leaving. He's going to work for some hockey team in Minnesota - the Wild? - as their Director of Operations. He's such a talented writer - I hope he doesn't give that up. But there's not much future in being the beat writer - those regular columnists seem pretty firmly implanted there at the Globe. 8-(

On a brighter note - going to see the three Red Sox-Braves games this weekend!! I'm getting psyched!


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