Friday, June 09, 2006

Fenway Friday Night

Waiting for the Friday night game vs. Texas - which looks like it might actually happen. Yeah! Texas Rangers vs. Sox. I hope those bats - which showed signs of life last night - will give Wake some run support tonight. It must totally tick Wake off that the other pitchers get so much offense, and he gets none! But Dougie dig go deep the other night!

And on other MLB notes....Of course, the big news this week was the disclosure that Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Josh Grimsely had been nabbed by the Feds after receiving a shipment of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - reportedly his 12th shipment. Deadspin has further reported that Grimsley has ties to Chris Mihfield - who is also a personal trainer to Albert Pujoles. So this scandal could have far-reaching results. Also interesting is that Grimsley was asked to wear a wire by the Feds - in an effort to implicate Barry Bonds.

What's interesting about this is that it's not some superstar with super numbers who will end up being the songbird. It's a middle reliever - someone perhaps in their declining years. And a pitcher - not a power hitter. He reportedly used HGH to help him come back faster from an appearance - it allowed him to pitch two days in a row. I think when I imagine who is using it's some big hitting DH... Yet, I guess it IS pitchers who could greatly benefit...

And Grimsley's testimony - about clubhouses having coffee pots labelled "unleaded" and "leaded" to show which have amphetimenes - well, makes you look questioning at the coffee cup that Timlin always carries to the bullpen....

That's what's sad about all this. Who is playing fair? Who's "cheating?" I mean, it's easy to say Hey Look at Giambi -- The Call of the Green Monster has a great posting today that explains how Giambi has bulked up legally!

On a brigher note...

Today's Dugout is awesome! Imagine two Papelbons on the roster! Or two Papelbots, according to SG!

And one week from tonight, I'll be in Atlanta watching the Sox and Braves play! Three games. OMG, I'm ssssooo psyched!


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