Saturday, May 27, 2006

Curt & the Fat Man

AP Photo by Charles Krupa)

Man, it's just painful to look at this picture. No matter how you feel about David Wells, you'd have to be totally heartless not to feel badly for Wells after last night. He made his first real start after off-season knee surgery and tons of hours of rehab this spring. He finally made a start last night, only to be hit on the same knee by a line drive (by Travis(&**#) Lee in the 5th. According to reports, it's a deep contusion - not career ending. But this image made me ill. Imagine , doing all that work, struggling to get back, and in your first game, nailed. What a bummer.

Luckily, the boys stepped up - and won! Yeah! Lowell got another double, Ortiz is back, and I swear Youk is going to win a gold glove this year! He's been on SportsCenter's top 10 plays twice this week.

Tonight: "Mr. Curt" goes for his 200th career victory. I've got a good feeling...And after a huge storm here that knocked out my DirectTV for the entire pre-game show, it's back up - NESN locked and loaded!

And let me introduce you to the oracle...

This is Agatha. Probably the sweetest kitty in the world. She tells me that her favorite player this year is Coco Crisp. She can't wait for him to come back. And she says Curt will get the victory tonight. Of course, keep in mind, her favorite last year was Edgar Renteria....


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