Monday, May 22, 2006

Notes from the weekend

  • Missed blogging this weekend. We had graduation - hard to believe another year is gone. There's always a let-down - there are some kids you'll really miss, others that you breathe a sigh of relief. So many emotions. I just came home from the 9am ceremony, and vegged the rest of the weekend. Oh, and watched some baseball, of course!
  • You know that I love to keep a scorecard when I watch baseball. Well, I discovered this weekend what a challenge that is when going by National League rules. Yesterday, Tito used every single player on the active roster! There were double switches, straight up switches, players changing postions. Man, my score card is a mess!
  • David Wells to return for Friday's game. After his comments this weekend about steroid use and Bonds, don't you miss this guy?
  • Yankees arrive today for a three game set against the Sox - and the weather actually looks like it might cooperate! The fans on the pre-game look starved for some live baseball - and I'm starved for some true NESN coverage. When you have to listen to announcers from some of the local stations when the Sox are out of town, you realize how good Remy and Orsillo are. Luckily, I still get the pre- and post-game shows - so I still get me some Eck!
  • Interesting stats: Of their huge payroll, $35 million of the Yankees money is sitting on the DL right now. As the Soxaholix pointed out today, it puts Red Sox fans in a tough position. If we win, it's, of course, they're playing their AA club. If they win, we look like idiots. I love the blogger who pointed out that we love to chant "Yankees suck" - but it's not as much fun when they really do suck!
  • Finally, the PBS series "Arthur" today featured three Sox players - Damon, Renteria and Timlin. They played three members of Arthur's favorite team, the Grebes, who hadn't won a world championship in 86 years. His friend Buster becomes convinced that he's bad luck for them. Then he meets the three players in the grocery store, and they encourage him to come to the final game - they need his support. Oh, their characters were Playmon, Bateria and Winlin. My fav part - "Winlin" quoting Emily Dickinson to Buster!!


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