Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rain Delay

So, been a crazy week. School wrapping up, final exams, etc. Finally, here on Saturday night, I feel ready to breathe! I've actually been productive in my first two days of summer - grocery shopping, shoe shopping (finally broke down and bought some of those horribly ugly but comfy Crocs! - bought four new tires...Even bought a new bathing suit!!

Rain delay right now. Waiting for the rain to stop in Detroit and our Sox to play.In the meantime, I'm going to catch Bronson pitching for the Reds vs. Houston("he's magical" the announcers just said!). When I looked at the calender today, I realized that two weeks from tonight, I'll be in Atlanta watching the three-game Sox/Braves series! Wahoo!

Absolutely awesome game last night! Pitching duel most of the night - most of which I missed because I was out celebrating the end of the school year 8-) Incredible homer by Youkilis to win the game in the 9th! And Youk paid a great tribute to his old "running buddy" -
"I call it a Bellhorn day," Youkilis said. "Mark was the best at that. Three [bad] at-bats then boom, home run to win a game."


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