Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My head hurts...

I'd say "Poor, Josh" but he gets no sympathy from me today. Why he and Tek continued to throw fastballs at the Yanks last night when clearly they were hitting them...well, maybe it's time for either 1) Tek and Beckett to get locked into a room together and not letting them out until they get their acts together; or 2) let Mirabelli catch Beckett. After all, "Dougie went deep" last night - and maybe he can caddy for two pitchers. Worth a shot.

Look at these numbers from last night (from the New York Times)

Plus, I must say I'm a bit worried about Tek. He has not played well this year, and has put up mediocre numbers offensively. And please don't remind me of that bonehead play in the first last night - not that it was all his fault, but still it looked like my 6th grade baseball team...

Bright spots: Dougie! Great play by Gonzo! Trot!

I'm going to just pretent last night never happened, and go on. Hopefully, the team will use this as a catalyst for the rest of the series. Hey, it's worked before...

Tonight, we have the nerve-wracking prospect of David Pauley making his 2nd ML start. Did okay last time out, but this is the Yanks. At Yankee Stadium. Yikes. The kid was seen taking photos of the Stadium yesterday pre-game - I hope he's not too star struck.


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