Saturday, June 10, 2006

An exciting Saturday afternoon

Just like these guys - sitting around for 4 hours, 47 minutes for the game to start. (Edit: Longest rain delay in RS history) The first pitch was finally thrown around 6:15 pm - needless to say it's not a doubleheader today. Just announced that there will be two games tomorrow - the first at noon (tonight's game rescheduled) and then another at 5pm. Phew - a full game!

Long rain delays are tough. When do you schedule dinner? When do you start preparing it? More importantly - when does happy hour start?? I did manage to time it pretty well - although should have waited to pour wine til the game actually started!

The rookie pitcher is Jon Lester. Very cerebral, from what I've read. But he just struck out the side with bases loaded in the top of the third - and showed some fist-pumping passion.

Caught a bit of the Braves-Astros game during the rain delay. Renteria hit a 3-run homer. And the Fox broadcasters were all over the fact that the RS shouldn't have bailed on him after only one season. Sorry - clearly ER was meant to play in the the National League - no matter how many chances, I don't think he EVER would have thrived in Boston.

Aaarghhh. My NESN feed just died - and nothing on EI. Guess it's over to Gameday Audio for me...


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