Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here's to happier times

Instead of dwelling on the bad news out of RS Nation (Wells, Ortiz, Lester...), instead let me tell you about one of my favorite places in the world. Block Island, Rhode Island. It's a small island 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, only around 9+ square miles in size. Even though I grew up RI, I never actually visited BI until a few years ago, when my sister & I decided to rent a house out there for a week. That snowballed, and soon just about everyone in the family was going out there!

This past year, one of my sisters built a house out there - it's absolutely gorgeous and a great place to stay. So naturally, my summer plans included a week out "on the Block." A wonderful, relaxing time, hanging with my sisters and assorted other family members, staying all day at the beach, and drinking Mudslides at night!

Pictured below are the two light houses: the Southeast Light and Mohegan Bluffs, and the North Light. Both still work, and they're great sites to visit. The Southeast Light actually had to be moved several years ago because of the erosion of the bluffs.

There are also lots of quaint, old, weather-beaten homes, like this farm. And you can see a small portion of the miles and miles of stone walls that delineate the properties.

And who would have guessed that it was also home to an emu and a coupla camels!