Friday, August 31, 2007


Boston Globe photo.

Is this whole thing so ridiculous or what?? MLB exec Bob Watson is actually checking the attire of managers. We all know that Terry Francona has health problems, including poor circulation. The guy takes all kinds of medications, including the blood thinner Cumadin. As a result, he's cold - to the point that he wears extra clothing even in the dog days of August. Apparently, MLB is cracking down on the attire of managers - saying they need to wear their uniform tops. (Which I think is kinda nuts in the first place - what other sports have the team managers in full unis?) They apparently have warned Tito about his sweatshirt. Well, Bob Watson showed up the dugout at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night before the game to check that Terry had his shirt on. Bad enough - but then he sent a security guard to the dugout during the 2nd inning to make sure Terry hadn't taken it off! With Jeter on 2nd and threatening to steal, the security guy called Francona into the tunnel to check his attire. Good heavens...

I work in a school with a dress code, and this reminds me of some of the tactics we have to use with 9th graders. Please - Terry is a grown man, with issues. And it's not like MLB doesn't have other, more pressing issues to deal with. Maybe they should be checking Bonds for illegal substances rather than checking Francona for undergarments.

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