Friday, September 28, 2007

Something to keep in mind come November

The Associated Press revealed how the candidates in Wednesday night's debate in New Hampshire responded to a question on whether they support the Red Sox or Yankees:

_ New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Red Sox.

_ Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Cleveland Indians.

_ New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Yankees.

_ Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel: Red Sox.

_ Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: Red Sox.

_ Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: White Sox.

_ Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: Red Sox.

_ Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: Yankees.

My analysis: Obama and Kucinich totally wimped out. I know they have home town loyalties to project, but, really, no one offered the White Sox or the Indians as options. Clinton - understandable choice. Dodd's choice of the RS in a state pretty evenly divided in loyalties between the two teams is bold. But interesting that among the other, more partisan candidates, only Biden chose the Yankees. Have they done focus groups that show most Sox fans are Democrats? That many are the middle class voters to whom they wish to appeal?

I like Obama, but his wimp-out makes me wonder how he'll hold up on more serious matters....

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Blogger beckperson said...

Beth, interesting post! And I like your analysis. From what I understand, Dodd has been a lifelong Sox fan. There's hope for Connecticut yet!

6:29 PM  

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