Friday, September 21, 2007

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Dear Joshua Patrick:
Yes, we are counting on you tonight. We NEED a victory. Maybe not so much for numbers, but for the sanity of Red Sox Nation. Yes, we know we can pretty much back our way into the playoffs at this point. That the post-season play is more important, really, than winning some insignificant games against Tampa Bay.

BUT! We in Red Sox Nation would really love to see a Divisional Championship banner hanging up in Fenway Park. Especially if it means we beat out the Yankees. Okay, maybe it's unrealistic to think we can pull this one out. But, but, but..This is NOT 1978! It's a different team and a different dynamic. If we could win the division - and ace out those guys from the Bronx...

Remember what those idiots said in '04. Win tonight. Don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday. Just win tonight....

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