Sunday, September 02, 2007

No-ho Yes yes!

Photo by Winslow Towson AP

What an awesome night last night. So, it began inauspiciously enough - sitting home on Saturday night, knitting and following the game in the SG comments section. Long about the 6th inning, a comment by Remy made me look again at the box score. Wait a minute, Baltimore hasn't gotten a hit yet off of Buchholz. Hm.. So I continued watching, although not with such a detached air. Next thing I know, it's the 8th, and ESPN is breaking into its college football broadcast to cover the 9th. A friend calls me mid-8th, to say she's watching the no----I cut her off immediately. You do NOT mention the feat until it's accomplished. You couldn't help but get amped up by the NESN commentary - Remy so clearly wanted to get to that 9th inning and "get 'er done"! 9th inning, and my knitting project is finished, but I'm afraid to stop. One down, two down, three down... And there it is! A NO-HITTER by the 23 year old rookie - in only his second start! Absolutely incredible to watch unfold.

The best part is that my buddy Kelly got to see it in person. She has followed Clay for a while - on our Road Trip, she kept talking about him, how much he'll mean to the Red Sox, what an incredible find he is for the organization, how we could NOT trade him. And there she was watching him and cheering him on. I was sssoo jealous!

Is this the turning point in the season? It sure gives us momentum, motivation and an element of the miraculous. I have felt for a while that the Red Sox would be returning to the WS this year. And that's exactly what I was shouting at my tv at game's end. "We are sooo going to the World Series this year" !!

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