Sunday, September 16, 2007

Magic Number is now 9

Photo by Jim Rogasch
Fantastic game yesterday. After the horrors of Friday night, it was like a refreshing drink after a bitter dish. Whereas all went bad Friday, after we totally lost control in the 8th, Saturday's game was all about dominance. We dominated the Yanks from the 2nd on - Jeter's home run was really the only blemish on the day. After that, Joshua Patrick settled down - and only allowed one more hit. Final score, 10-1. A huge statement win for both the team and Josh. Many (like, Fox) were claiming this was the showdown for the Cy Young. If so, game set match to Mr. Beckett. While Wang was pitiful, Beckett was pitiless.

My favorite play of the game was, of course, Eric Hinske knocking the crap out of Posada:

Pnoto by Winslow Townson

What was great about this moment? The Fenway crowd gave Hinske a standing ovation for the hit as he walked back to the dugout - and the Fox announcers claimed the ovation was for the gutty play of Posada. Ha ha.

Tonight - a matchup I've been impatiently awaiting all day. Rogah Clemens returns to Fenway - and faces our old ace, Curt Schilling. Oh, it'll be fun!

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