Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day - Yowsah!

What an awesome weekend of baseball. Friday night wasn't so good, but after that it was all the stuff of highlight reels. Buchholz' no hitter on Saturday, the performance by our Rookies on Sunday, and an early lead on Monday...

Sunday's game featured some of our rookie talent pool. Jacoby Ellsbury had an awesome catch in center, as well as his first major league homerun. Young gun Jon Lester pitched really well. Pedroia once again showed why he is a serious contender for Rookie of the Year. And "rookie" Okajima rescued the team in the 8th. Plus Pap in the 9th .... it was way cool.

Tonight, we've got Matsuzaka pitching - and writing now in the 4th, we've gotten 5 runs for him. Oops - as I write, they've gone up 7-1. This team is awesome - and I'm so excited to see how this month unfolds

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