Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reivew: P.S. I Love You

I realize that the new film "P.S. I Love You" is probably meant to be a showcase for Hilary Swank's romantic comedy chops. If that was the goal, it didn't succeed. I choose instead to focus on the sexy leading man, Gerard Butler. Hence the photo above! Wow!

The story (written and directed by Richard LaGravenese, who previously piloted "Freedom Writers"): Holly Kennedy (Swank) is a young widow. Her husband Gerry (Butler) dies of a brain tumor, but leaves behind a series of letters delivered to her monthly. The missives are intended to help guide her through widowhood and as she begins to make a new life for herself. The film follows this journey, and flashes back to the life Holly and Gerry had together.

Okay, I'll admit that I used SIX kleenex! It wasn't a culminating cry at the end - it's an all-movie cry. Lots of poignant moments - but a couple of hours later, they feel orchestrated. I think some of my feelings are due to my negative reaction to Swank. She is NOT a romantic comedy heroine. She's too brittle in the part - she never feels vulnerable, just hard and angry. I frankly could never figure out why any man - never mind the three male leads - would fall for her.

That said, the rest of the cast is terrific. I loved seeing James Marsters (formerly Spike on "Buffy") as Gerry's best friend. Holly's two BFFs are played by Gina Gersheon and Lisa Kudrow - both are terrific, although Kudrow needs to fully rid herself of all her Phoebe mannerisms. Kathy Bates plays Holly's mom - terrific. And the three men in her life: Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (sizzlin') and Harry Connick Jr. - fantastic. Oh, their acting was good as well!

So, bottom line. Definite chick flick. Bring kleenex. Forgettable within two hours of viewing it.

Oh, GOOD music!! As we were watching the credits, the staff was cleaning out the theater - and all were singing along to the theme song by James Blunt!



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Beth, I haven't seen this one (will probably wait for DVD), but I did see "Sweeney Todd" yesterday and eagerly await your review! :)

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