Friday, January 04, 2008

Review: National Treasure 2

Movies like this are perfect for school vacations: mindless, implausible, nonstop action/chase sequences...

This is a sequel to last year's film with Nicolas Cage. He plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, descended from a long line of historians. In the first film, he set out to prove his ancestors right about a long-lost treasure of the Knights Templar - which took him all over America, visiting various historical monuments. The key was a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence!

In this film, someone produces evidence that another ancestor was part of the Lincoln Assassination - Ben must prove his innocence. Along again for the ride are his dad (Jon Voigt), girlfriend (Diane Kruger), and silly sidekick Riley (Justin Bartha). Again the action spans the globe - from kidnapping the President at Mount Vernon, scaling the Statue of Liberty, and hiking over Mount Rushmore. It's one long chase sequence, as they try to outrace the bad guy (Ed Harris).

You could drive a 747 through some of the plot holes, and much of the action is pretty implausible. Still, I found myself on the edge of my seat, urging Ben on in his quest. The performances are good, as one would expect with such a talented cast. And of course, the door is left open for the franchise to continue and, considering who well this has done at the box office, I wouldn't be surprised to see another in the series next year.

A great popcorn movie, perfect for a wintry afternoon.



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