Thursday, February 21, 2008

The new Manny

Globe photo by Jim Davis

So even when he arrives at Spring Training "in a timely manner," Manny Ramirez makes news. Look at all the members of the press waiting to question him. And to his credit, Manny seems to be "making nice" with the media. He sat and answered the same question about his contract over and over again, so patiently. (Manny's contract is up at the end of this year, but the club has the option of renewing it for one or two more years.) Quoth he:

Are you going to approach the Red Sox for an extension this spring?

"No, I'm not going to ask nobody for an extension. I'm going to come, play the game. I know my situation. That's it. I'm going to come and play and let them make the decision."

Are you happy here?

"I'm happy, yeah."

And, you know, he's right. It really is up to the Front Office to decide if they want to pick up his option. All he can do is what he did today - make it clear that he likes playing in Boston, that he wants to finish his career there. He can go out in the post-season and get himself into good shape. He can report to camp on time and good-naturedly deal with the press. And then he can go out and have a great year.

I think he's taken the first steps on that road. If the FO wanted him to turn over a new leaf, I think he's shown that he can. As he said today:
"Well, I think you start growing up, and mature also. Now I'm here and I want to stay here. "
My favorite thing is this note:
After standing up, out of the huge group of reporters and cameras, Ramirez went over to Bob Ryan, shook his hand, and stood talking to him for a few moments.
He many be goofy at times, but there is not doubt that Manny Ramirez has a kind heart. Ryan recently lost his son, and I'm sure Manny had some kind words to share with him.

Let the games begin!!

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Blogger Ted D said...

Beth, maybe Manny really is growing up. That gesture toward Ryan was great to see.

Now, it the vultures don't drive him away, I'm loving Chatty Manny!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I hope they don't ruin this for us!

5:49 PM  

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