Monday, March 24, 2008

RemDawg goes to Tokyo

As you are aware, the Sox have a huge media contingent with them in Japan (compared to the Oakland As, who didn't even bring a film crew with them). Some of the folks have really taken advantage of the opportunity to experience the culture of Japan. Rob Bradford's blog has been fantastic, and Dan Roche has been pretty good (he did break the story about Papelbon buying a samurai sword!). And it was fun to listen to Joe and Dale yesterday morning on the radio talking about some of their experiences eating marinated raw horse meat!

But some aren't quite getting into the spirit. I ventured into an article by CHB yesterday, and found this buried item:
Like me, Jerry Remy is something of an accidental tourist: Try to replicate a trip to Cleveland and everything will be OK. This means USA Today, air conditioning, ESPN, room service hamburgers. Most of our ugly American needs have been met. Rem-Dawg has been frequenting the Trader Vic's in the team hotel because he knows what he's going to get. Told about a local restaurant he might like, Remy said, "Is it outside the hotel? No way."
Somehow this doesn't surprise me - RemDawg doesn't deal with the travel aspect of his job with a lot of grace. So it was wonderful to see a report on NESN's SportsDesk this morning - Remy venturing outside of the hotel!

Rem said his sightseeing up to that point have been limited to the hotel lobby. But, in the company of new reporter Naoko Funayama - who seems to be doing an extended audition for Tina Cervasio's job - he actually walked around the neighborhood. The sight of Remy trying to recruit two women for "Sox Appeal," trying to get directions to the Tokyo Dome, and attending a makeup demonstration on the street - comedy gold.

It made me wonder why NESN doesn't make this a regular feature on the Sox broadcasts. Why not have Remy and Wally visiting the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland? How about Remy throwing fish at the Pike Place Market in Seattle? Helping Don Orsillo find a tanning bed in Kansas City? Having Raymond give him a tour of Tampa? The possibilities are endless!

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Blogger Trot's Hat said...

I think you might be on to something, Beth. I can just picture "Remy Goes To The Aquarium" for the Baltimore trip!

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