Monday, November 24, 2008

I hate the hot stove

I am one fan who finds nothing fun or exciting about the hot stove season. Every time you open a paper or look at a website, the rumor mill is saying Masterson is about to be traded, that the FO is offering Tek $1.50 per game, that Papelbon has taken up knitting, yadda yadda yadda.

This time of year is especially taxing if you're a Mike Lowell fan. It seems like we have to sweat it out each year. Last year, it was waiting for a new contract offer. The year before, it seemed he was being offered to every team short of the Bruins. And, of course, the year before that, RS Nation was complaining about our being "forced" to take him in order to get Beckett.

Of course, the rumors are swirling over him again this year. Since his hip surgery in October, he has been subject to all kinds of trade stories. The talk is especially prevalent in articles about Mark Teixiera. If the Sox sign Teixiera, the stories go, he'll take over 1B and Youk will move back to his "natural" position at 3B. That leaves Lowell out in the cold.

Sitting Still photo

Yes, I know he's aging. That he's losing what little speed on the base paths he once had. That his offense is slowing down, and his defense is sure to follow. But he brings so much to the team. His leadership, his incredible rapport with all of the players. I know it's a mistake to get too emotionally attached to any of the players. It will only lead to the kind of heartbreak that accompanied the Damon trade. I trust in Theo to do what's best for the team.

But, damn, I'd sure miss this guy. The prettiness factor alone will drop substantially.

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