Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming up....

So, coming off the high of Tuesday, it would be easy to feel a little let down. However, I took a good long look at the calendar, and realized there are several events coming up in the next few weeks. Events bound to keep me going until Pitchers & Catchers report to Fort Myers (which takes place in 20 days and 14 hours, according to

First up: the sale of single game tickets for Fenway Park occurs this Saturday, January 24th. Yes, it's time to set aside probably an entire Saturday to stare at this on the computer screen:
The Virtual Waiting Room!! Or, as some of us call it, a preview of Hell. You go to, click buy tickets, and this is the screen you see. Every thirty seconds, it refreshes - giving you a glimmer of hope that the computer fairies will choose you to be next to purchase tickets. Or to consign you to another 30 seconds of crossed fingers and toes. The key is to open several windows - at least as many as you can keep track of. Because if you miss your opening, it's back to VWR.

Of course, once you're in, you're in! You can buy up to 8 tickets. And since I'm only trying for 5 games, if I can get it, it should be a snap. The two most important dates to get are in May for Megapalooza - the Friday and Sunday games of RS-Mets weekend. WooHoo!

After that big event, the next on the calendar is TRUCK DAY! Yes, only we crazed RS fans would get excited about the sight of a big truck parked on Yawkey Way, being packed up with all of the baseball equipment needed in Fort Myers. But for us, it's a harbinger of spring, our version of the first sign of "robin redbreast."

Plus, who can forget last year's Truck Day, which brought the first burst of fame for our friend Steve T. Ferret?!

Steve's agent, Kelly O. Borass, dodges questions from the press regarding Steve's pending deals. She claimed several other teams were vying for Steve's allegiance, which was later proven false. No word on whether Steve will appear this year.

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Blogger sittingstill said...

OUCH! ^_^

(removes arrow from back)

It's rumored that Steve will indeed appear again. I really want to put Justin Masterson's name on his and sneak him on the truck.

You do know it's easier to use tabbed browsing for the VWR, yes?

8:26 PM  
Blogger HorshamScouse said...

But is Steve's divorce about to go final?

11:18 PM  
Blogger HorshamScouse said...

I'll be there in VWR at 4 a.m. Sunday my time, God willin' and the creek don't rise.

11:19 PM  

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