Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review: Disney's Up in Digital 3D

What a sweet movie! I had no idea it would be so poignant, moving, funny - an all around great flick.

"Up" is the latest from Disney/Pixar, and is available both in 3D and regular D. We decided to go with the 3D version - even though it cost $2.50 more! - and were so happy we chose that option. There are some really cute effects - and man, have they improved those glasses! Much easier to see the movie, even when you're wearing them over your own specs.

The story: a senior citizen is being forced into selling his home - which is in the middle of a high-rise construction site. Rather than leave behind the memories of his wife and their life together, he figures out how to lift the house out - and heads to South America, a place his wife had longed to visit. However, a local Explorer scout has stowed away - and together they embark on a series of adventures.

There were many subtle jokes that would fly over the head of a child, clearly aimed at the adult audience. For example, when Carl, Russell and Doug the dog are watching traffic and counting cars. Carl: There's a red one. Russell: There's a blue one. Doug: There's a gray one! (FYI - studies have shown that dogs don't see colors, everything looks gray to them). Even the cartoon portraits are a shout-out to the golden age of movies: Carl looks just like Spencer Tracy, and the villain Charles Muntz is the image of Errol Flynn. But there's also plenty to entertain the kids. Talking dogs (they wear collars that translate their barks into language), beautiful animation, some silly humor. And a great message about not wasting your opportunities in life, and the importance of not taking your loved ones for granted.

A great film "for kids of all ages." Just be sure to bring kleenex!

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