Monday, September 07, 2009

Last weekend of the summer

Sad, but true. Labor Day Weekend always meant the end of summer to me. Last chance to spend mindless days at the beach, that last hamburger eaten at the beach cookout. Sigh.

Of course, "back in the olden days," it meant school was starting the next day. Not now. We've already been back in school for two weeks! Not that I'm complaining about a four-day week or three-day weekend!

The start of September also means the impending end to baseball season. Sigh. Although there's still plenty to go in the season - we're only a few games ahead in the Wild Card Race, which seems to be our only option for post-season play at this point - it's still sad to look at the schedule and see the number of game dwindling.

However, we have had an" interesting" weekend of baseball in Chicago. Friday night was a disaster - a complete blow out. I have to admit to not seeing the worst of it. I stretched out on the floor to cuddle with my kitty - and fell sound asleep. So I was spared that. Saturday's game was telecast on Fox - and my local affiliate chose to broadcast the National League game. However, I did get to watch - on the Fox Sports En Espana! It was actually kind of fun - I had no idea what the announcers were saying, but they still were more entertaining and informative than McCarver & Buck.

Sunday, we won!! Yeah!! Jon Lester seems to be making the case that HE is our ace, capitalizing on Beckett's struggles of late. A nice victory. Today I'm watching Buerhle out deal our supposed ace Beckett. Okay, Beckett looking pretty good - but our offense is squandering opportunity after opportunity. I hope they get this out of their system soon - we need those bats if we have any hope of getting into the Divisional playoffs.

And finally, I have to do a little political rant. In an absolutely unbelievable move, the right wing fringe is protesting President Obama's plan to address the nation's school children tomorrow. They claim that he will use the opportunity to "push his socialist agenda" on unsuspecting innocents.

I'm sorry, but no matter how bitter you are that a black Democrat beat your boy, get over it! He is our President, our leader, until you can come up with a better candidate. The last time a President addressed schools was in 1991, when the old Bush did it. My question is not why is President Obama speaking to kids, my question is why did it take 18 years for a President to do it again??

Instead of operating in ignorance, read his address - and tell me what is so subversive about it. Stay in school, listen to your parents, study hard... Wow, radical stuff

/end rant

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Blogger Ted D said...

Fired up librarians are HOT! JK, Beth. And very well said. I think it'd be nice if the President, whoever he/she is, would do this EVERY year. Besides, they're like 10 years old; he's angling for the votes already? People are Stupid.

7:58 PM  

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