Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A New Journey

For over six years, I've had a set routine on Wednesday nights. I leave work at 4:15, and drive across town to the Weight Watchers Center north of the river. There, I facilitate the 5:30 pm meeting each week. Weigh-in, meeting, new member orientation, home around 7:15.

This was the very first meeting I ever led. Just finished my training, I took over from a woman who had led the group for several years and was much loved. I was incredibly nervous taking over, but within a few weeks, the group and I realized we were a good match. I let the vocal long-time members contribute, but also encouraged the newer ones. We saw each other through a lot - one member had two pregnancies during the time, one lost over 100 pounds, another has struggled to almost reaching her goal this month. They've been great!

But over the summer, I began to consider the possibility of letting someone new take over. The Center is on the complete opposite side of town from where I live and work, and since I also facilitate a meeting on Tuesday, it kind of kills the middle of the week. And, frankly, the numbers in the class had dropped enough that I was just about breaking even on gas. I talked to another leader who was happy to have a regular class, and the change was made.

So this week was my first free Wednesday in a long time! The only Wednesdays I've had off, I've been on vacation and out of town. What a luxury! What would I do??

One of the things I love about traveling is the opportunity to try new restaurants, to really treat myself to some pricey meals. When I go to Boston annually, I spend hours researching the hot new restaurants in the Hub, and manage to have several really fine meals. Being out of town, I don't feel intimidated about dining alone - I feel like the sophisticated woman of the world.

Yet here in the Scenic City, I don't eat out very often. Maybe only once a month, when I can free up some friends from other responsibilities. And it would never occur to me eat out alone. Why? I guess that on some level I'm afraid that I'll run into someone I know - and they'll think I'm a loser for being stag! I know....stupid.

Hence my new resolution. I am going to use my Wednesday nights to try out some new (and old) restaurants here in the Scenic City. Weds seem a perfect night - mid-week, crowds are smaller, and I can enjoy a meal before any baseball starts!

I began my journey tonight with a visit to the Meeting Place Restaurant. I actually ate there with friends two weeks ago, but I wanted to go on a Wednesday night to enjoy their evening special: macaroni and cheese with chorizio sausage. I had tried it over a year ago, and it really made an impression on me. And the memory was clear and true - it was OMG awesome!! So rich, cheesy, creamy. Wow! When you're solo, you're tempted to eat quickly, so I forced myself to slow down, enjoy each bite. I admit I cheated and brought a book - it's so easy to feel invisible as a solo diner when you can disappear into a book and not meet questioning looks from your fellow diners. And I did read it - only because there were few other diners to watch. (Plus the book I brought was Dustin Pedroia's autobiography - which is awesome!)

A lovely meal - and a great start to my "single gal's tour of some of the Scenic City's finest restaurants." Next week: the Terminal Brewhouse, a new micro-brewery that just opened next to the famed Chattanooga Choo Choo. OOO, I predict the beer sampler!

[And, no, the irony does not escape me that while my class was weighing in and discussing weight loss, I was out blowing the week's points bank!]

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Blogger HorshamScouse said...

Been there, done that!

Mine day tends to be Saturday or Sunday and I often read a book I've just bought in Borders in Wellington.

I really should get out of the Leuven/Black Harp/Sports Bar loop though and explore more of what the CBD has to offer.

11:37 PM  

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