Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Snap out of it!"

Okay, I've allowed myself one full day to wallow in my post-Red Sox season depression. It's funny, I don't remember feeling this down last year - but that may have been because of the way they exhausted me during the playoffs. Nearly losing to Cleveland, then the epic comebacks against the Rays. Phew.

But this year we're three and done. Swept. In some ways, the playoffs reflected the regular season. I love this team, and loved watching almost every game. But I really wasn't sure we had what we needed to go deep in the playoffs. Certainly, my angst was multiplied by watching that Yankee Juggernaut. They look like a steamroller - and we certainly didn't do well against them in our last few outings. I'm afraid we would have been toast in the ALCS. Now it's up to the Angels to call on whatever emotional vibes they've been using and knock out the Yanks. Still, it would have been nice to go further into the playoffs - or to have at least played all five games of the ALDS.

But you must admit, this decade has been a good one for the Red Sox and its fans. And I like to think we're on a three year cycle. Won in 2004. Swept in ALDS in 2005. No post-season in 2006. Won in 2007. Lost in ALCS in 2008. Lost in ALDS in 2009. Ergo => another World Series Championship in 2010.

In the meantime, one of my favorite recent photos by my pal Kelly:
If I were a catcher and this freight train was approaching, I'd be cowering by the backstop!

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