Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm such a delinquent

I've been terrible about updating this blog of late. Part of it is laziness, part of it is my addiction to the other social networking sites. I've been spending a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook - and I can only spread myself so thin.

Today was graduation day. My 27th! It was another hot, humid day - uncomfortable despite the school's attempt to thwart it by scheduling the event at 8:30 am. Now, don't think I've become cynical or inured to the day - it was lovely. So many back stories - the boys who barely, barely made it. Those that I had never set eyes on nor even heard their name. Those who I'd spent more time with than their families. And realistically - you always think, Oh, I'll miss that one, or I hope that one stays in touch. But they move on - and so do we.

We march and sit in order of seniority - I'm on the front row now! - and I usually maneuver things so that I sit between two of my long-term colleagues. One teaches many of the seniors in his history electives, and has clear-eyed observations on them. The other is dean of students and, thus, knows most of them. I know almost all of the graduates, as most have to use the library at some point in their careers. But there are always a few that are total strangers to me. So it's fun to exchange remarks with these friends as the grads march across the stage to collect their diplomas. (Oh, you think we're just watching enraptured? Hardly!) Some of my favorite quips from today

"Oh, that kid totally sucks."
"He has a really hot mom. She's wearing a cheetah-print outfit today"
"Boy, he's so lucky to graduate. I mean, really really lucky"
"I find him quite intellectually arrogant"
"Why doesn't he have socks on?"
On a set of triplets: "Amazing. They got one brain split three ways"
"They ought to just label those two the "Lax Bros"

One of the most unusual highlights was the speech from our Board chair. He called his speech "Beer and Tequila shooters" - and was a caution about using fake i.d.s to purchase alcohol. He said he didn't support the 21-year-old limit on drinking, but it is the law, so don't use a fake id. His remarks included this gem: "Remember. Nothing good happens after midnight"

It did have an affect on me - I came home and made a pitcher of margaritas!