Thursday, March 02, 2006

Photo Fun

Talk about mailing it in - Pirates fans just use billboards... (Al Behrman photo)

Somehow, the Mark Teixera watch doesn't seem nearly as exciting as the Manny watch... (Charlie Reicel photo)

"You know I tried to warn Johnny that they were the first thing to go over here..." (Audrey C. Tiernan photo)

"So I'm warnin' ya, Jorge, mess with me and I'm going to grab you by the..." (Robert F. Bukaty photo)

"Always picked last, always picked last, always..." (Nam Y. Hun photo)

It's the all-cereal team: Coco Crisp and Fruit Loops.... (Jim Mone photo)

The cast of "Grumpy Old Men 3" relaxes between takes. (Photo by Richard Drew)