Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I meant to post these yesterday, but...

Interesting column by Jason Stark on ESPN.com He talks about how the volume on this year's Sox is much lower - and how some of the ex-idiots are lamenting the intrusion of reality. His point about how that 2004 team was really the only one that could have won is true - but so is the idea that reality has to intrude at some point. Every championship team is different, and it's time for the Sox to find that NEXT championship team.
The occupants of that Red Sox clubhouse last year now say they were aware that the team around them heaved that deep breath and never recaptured the same sense of urgency. What they saw, they say, was a team that needed to change its mix.

Good article in the Baltimore Sun on the changes in the Orioles' clubhouse - and the effect that chief Idiot Kevin Millar is having.

Classic article on Yard Work. They imagine what it would be like if Stephen Colbert did one of his trademark rifs on A-Rod and his decision/non-decision to play in the World Baseball Classic.

The classic father-son
it was not. Roger Clemens faced his son Koby in batting practice. Koby hit the first ball out of the park. At his next at bat, Clemens buzzed the kid high and inside. What was interesting was Koby's remark that that type of thing happened all the time at home. Nice. Not.

And finally, as if to disprove Stark's contention that the idiots are out of Boston, check out this classic bit of tv. Dan Roche and Gabe Kapler ran a Cookie-Off in the Red Sox dining hall. It's the kind of nonsense we've come to expect and love from our Sox. Check out Bronson Arroyo singing the Cookie Monster theme!


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