Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Boy, was I confused last night. It was still Tuesday! Guess I was trying to make the week go faster. Anyway, a bonus for you!

1. From today's Boston Herald:
Gray-haired third baseman Mike Lowell joked that his salt-and-pepper mix was actually “platinum highlights” that he gets touched up every two weeks.
“This actually jumped on me four years ago, and it really hasn’t wanted to go away,” he said. “If I’m going to color, it’s going to be purple or something, unless Just For Men wants to give me a three-year deal. Or Grecian Formula.”
I saw him on RS Now last night, and I think he's quite nice looking. He WAS voted one of People En Espanol's 50 most beautiful people last y
ear, after all...

2. When I looked at USA Today today, the banner across said: "One word: Aggressive - Derek Jeter, USA short stop." Hmmm, if I were thinking of an "a" word to apply to him, aggressive wouldn't have been my first choice...

3. And the email said:
Congratulations! You've been selected for the opportunity
to purchase Green Monster tickets for a Red Sox home game.
Wahoo!! Guess I know how I'll be spending MY Saturday afternoon. Man, I got the chance to buy some last year, too, and was never able to get through the Virtual Waiting Room. I hope I have better luck this year. This is one of my dreams - to sit up on the Monster on a sparkling, warm, sunny, summer day...

4. Interesting photo from spring training:

Watch your back, Johnny. Neither one of those guys looks too happy to have you as a teammate!

5. Red Sox Now runs some of the funniest captions while they're interviewing players. We've learned that Mike Lowell graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA; that Jason Varitek's childhood idol was Bo Jackson; and that Mark Loretta yearns to play the violin!

6. My tickets arrived today!! Yeah!

7. I'm going to end with Bronson's great quote today about Manny:
“Manny is a strange guy,” he said. “On the outside, he’s happy-go-lucky, but on the inside, he’s got a lot of conspiracy theories. I’d say Manny might be one of these guys when he’s 50 years old who might be in his house with all the blinds shut, looking out like the CIA’s after him. You don’t know what’s going on in the interior with him, so you don’t worry about him.”


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