Friday, July 14, 2006

Utter Madness at DirectTV

This is utterly inexplicable - and VERY irritating. For the last two nights, DirectTV has blacked out the NESN pre-game show. NOT the game, mind you, that comes on at game time. But the one-hour pre-game is unavailable in my area - as well as most areas of the country. I spent 30 minutes yesterday and 45 minutes today trying to get an explanation for this. Each person had numerous excuses they were clearly reading off a cue card. My favorite was the woman who told me that it was blacked out because it wasn't a sell-out! Hello - EVERY game at Fenway is a sell-out. Then she claimed that MLB and NESN make the rules as to what is blacked out. Hello - you mean, Bud Selig doesn't want me to see Eck, but I can watch the game???

Judging from comments on the Remy and SoSH boards, others are flooding Direct TV with calls and emails. I hope they get this fixed immediately!


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