Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm fine - really

Several family members have called - concerned about my mental state now that the season seems to be over for the Red Sox.

I'm fine - really.

Okay, yes, I wish I believed they were playoff bound. But, barring another 2004 miracle, I think their season ends October 1st vs. Baltimore. Kind of fitting - against our old friend Kevin Millar.

But, that doesn't mean I'm quitting on them. I'm still going to watch every game. Still keep score. Still "live and die with the Woe Sox."

In some ways, this is like when they had all those forest fires at Yellowstone back in 1988. There was a huge debate about whether the fires should be put out. Thousands of acres of forest were threatened. But environmentalists contended that, no, we shouldn't interfere with nature. The fires were Mother Nature's way of renewing the forest, encouraging new growth. And they didn't interfere. The result: look at the new growth --

Same with the Sox this year in two ways. First, maybe it's allowed us to weed out a few players. Yes, I miss many members of the 2004 team (are you listening, Mark Bellhorn? Kevin Millar? Bill Mueller?) But, perhaps we needed to let them go - needed to clean house a bit - to allow new growth in the farm system.

Second, it's given us a chance to clear off the bandwagon. 2004 was so awesome. I must admit, I'd kind of fallen off the RS addiction in recent years. But 2004 reminded me of my youthful passion for the Sox. In many ways, got me back in touch with my roots. But it also caused the invasion of the Pink Hats, as they've been derisively called on some message boards. Just look around Fenway - filled with people who are more interested in being seen, in socializing, in drinking beer (okay, the last one really isn't much of a change!). So maybe we need a bad year - or two. Maybe (selfishly) it'll be easier to get tickets. Maybe you won't be looked at curiously when you keep score or take a ridiculous number of photos.

But give up my love of them? Quit watching? Not go to a week's worth of games next year?

No way, baby!


Blogger sittingstill said...

Ha! I've been using the "forest fire" analogy quite a lot myself. We'll just see whose roots go deep enough...! And I must confess that while I'd rather be in a playoff hunt, getting some very nice field box seats at very nice prices is some consolation. ^_~

12:56 PM  

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