Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our House!

This sums up Fenway last night - there was a lot of "madness" in "our house." After they left the bases loaded in the first, I had my first true instance of doubt about our Red Sox. By the 7th, I had a hard time believing it was still only 2-1 - we felt so far behind. We had to work so hard for that one run, and with one stroke of the bat, Jim Thome showed us how easy it is to score.

But what an incredible finish. Carlos Pena, who we recently picked up off waivers, hit a homer in the bottom of the 10th to win the game. Awesome! And all the more dramatic because of Pena. He and his family emigrated from the Dominican when he was 12, and settled in Haverhill north of Boston. He's been a Sox fan ever since. As he said in the post gamer, he'd hit the home run hundreds of times in his back yard. He had a smile that lit up the whole screen - I hope it's the kind of youthful enthusiasm that the Sox can draw on for this last month. As he (and the shocking Julian Tavarez) said, it's not over yet. We can still do it....


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