Saturday, September 29, 2007

The AL East is ours!

Photo by Jim Davis (Globe)
Yeah! Red Sox clinched the AL East Division title last night - thanks to a great outing by Matsuzaka and by the Orioles (they beat the Yanks in 10). It was an awesome scene at Fenway - the Sox game ended almost an hour before the outcome of the Yanks-Os game was known. Thousands stayed at the Park, watching the game on the Jumbotron. Several players commented that it was going to be anti-climatic - they would have preferred to celebrate on the field, in front of the fans. They would get their wish. When that game ended - and we were Champs - the crowd and the team went crazy. Schilling, Timlin and Lowell led the rest of the team back onto the field, where the celebrated before the fans. Even Eckersley on NESN said, "this has turned into a special celebration."

My favorite moment had to be right as NESN ended their coverage. Alex Cora took over the sound booth at Fenway, and blasted "Sweet Caroline." All the players gathered on the mound and led the crowd in an enthusiastic sing-along. Cool.

Oh, and that red-headed woman below getting sprayed by Ellsbury? My buddy, Kelly. Yeah!! (Photo by Reuters)


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