Sunday, October 14, 2007

ALCS Game 2

Photo by Elise Amendola

The tail feathers are definitely dragging this morning. Last night was Game 2 of the American League Championship series. Thanks to FOX, the first pitch wasn't until 8:23 pm - and the final out was made 5 hours and 14 minutes later, at 1:37 AM! It was a very exciting game - the lead went back and forth and back and forth, until the game was tied at 6 at the end of the 9th. Extra innings! And then the world spun off its axis. Tito brought in Eric Gagne (or, perhaps Gagme is more appropriate) - and that was it. The Indians scored 7 runs in the top of the 11th - game over. At the end, there wasn't a single pitcher left in the bull pen, and we find ourselves tied with the Indians in the series, one game each.

I admit, Friday morning if you'd told me we'd get a split out of the first two games, I would have been satisfied. But after the huge win Friday night, I got greedy. Why couldn't we get the 2nd game - and the next two after, for that matter. And to lose in such a cardiac-inducing game, with such emotional highs and lows...

But, day off today, and back at it - in Cleveland - Monday night. Thank heavens the game starts at 7pm - that extra hour makes a huge difference in the amount of sleep I get before a full day of work!

At least, maybe now, the Sox will give up on Gagne. I had such high hopes for him at the time of the trade. We really felt he was what we needed to put us over the top, that he would be a key player in October. Oh, wait, he HAS been a huge factor in the post-season - but not for positive reasons and not to our benefit. Yeah, maybe Tavarez might not have saved us. But I feel a lot more comfortable putting the game into the hands of Tavarez or Snyder.

Last night's big hero - old Trot Nixon.

Getty Images

Trot, you are dead to me now, man.

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Blogger Tex said...

now Beth. Trot actually WANTED to stay with us. and woulda if he'd just been made some kind of offer. So unlike Demon...Trot isn't dead to me...he just lives on another planet. He played as he always does: with his heart.

Gag-Me is getting on my last nerve and if Tito or Theo don't quit making excuses for him....let's just Theo may have to adopt if he wants kids :)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Tex said...

oh and I've included you on my blog list as kelly's sidekick :)

7:17 PM  

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