Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Missed again

In my teen years, I was a huge Sox fan. I can't tell you how many hours I spent watching these three guys patrol the outfield of Fenway Park. Dewey and the Gold Dust Twins. You knew Dwight Evans would grab every ball hit into right - and gun the ball back into the infield. How many times did Fred Lynn abuse his body by snatching a ball off the centerfield wall. And every time Jim Rice stepped to the plate - well, it was over the Monster.

It's a shame that Rice has once again been denied admission to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers. What do we see that they can't? We see a power hitter, a clubhouse leader, a man who has continued his involvement with the Red Sox on the field (as a special coach in Spring Training) and off the field (his work on NESN). He spent his whole career with the Sox, and was a vital part of the organization. But all the Baseball Writers seem to remember is his surly attitude with them (and do you blame him?).

So, once again, he wasn't voted in - his 14th time on the ballot. Karma seemed to dictate that #14 would get in on his 14th try....but maybe next year, which will also be his last opportunity. Well, until the Veterans Committee can intervene - and THEY will surely add him to the Hall.

Better luck next year, Jim Ed. And here's hoping the Sox Front Office starts a campaign for you - NOW!

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