Sunday, January 06, 2008

Review: Charlie Wilson's War

Okay, got this review all done, and hit the wrong button. So starting again...

This film, with an all-star cast directed by Mike Nichols, is a semi-documentary about the United States covert operations in Afghanistan in the 1980s, as we tried to win the Cold War via the Mid East. US Congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) is moved to action after visiting refuge camps in Pakistan, and enlists the help of a wealthy Texan (Julia Roberts) and a CIA operative (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Through their efforts, the covert operation goes from $5 million in funding to $1 billion, leading to the eventual eviction of the USSR and the effective end of the Cold War.

The cast is fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Hoffman - the way he growls at Roberts is incredible. His chemistry with Hanks is great. Hanks is, well, Hanks - we expect him to be terrific and he doesn't disappoint. And Roberts is very good in a very different role for her.

It's a chapter in US history about which I know very little, so it was very informative. Yes, it sometimes felt like a PBS special, but worth seeing for the notable performances.



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